A Day With Mom

My mother was all mine. I wished to have her to myself always. I held her hand as I looked out the window at the city flying by. This was the best day ever.

I have a vague memory of taking a train with my mom to a theater to see the Disney film “Snow White”. It was just the two of us, because we had dropped my sister at school… finally got rid of her. I must have been four years old.

Her side of the memory…

“I am exhausted. I worked all night at
the factory, came home and got the girls dressed, fed them, and we made it to school by 8:30 sharp. I’ve decided to do something different today. I’m taking the little one to see Snow White. It’s been re-released, and is playing at a theater downtown. I’ll buy some popcorn and a drink for her. I can close my eyes for a little while before first grade let’s out and we have to be back. Then I can start dinner and take another nap before work.”

This is purely conjecture on my part. I don’t remember her sleeping, and my mom doesn’t remember that day. As a parent who also worked nights when my children were little, I lived this scenario. I took my children to see “Shrek 2”, with the intention of getting a nap in before heading back to work. I am glad those days of sleep deprivation are behind me, but I do miss the days when my children were little.
Oct 17, 2014
Reverse Shot
What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

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