The Driver In Front Of Me… Again

Like a bad dream you appear when I’m late
I behind you, this is unfortunate
You couldn’t drive any slower
On a riding lawn mower
You are in the wrong lane- no debate

The right lane is for drivers like you
It’s an idea you might like to pursue
Your turn signals been on
Since long before dawn
Therefore changing lanes should ensue.
Sep 26, 2014
Make It Count
You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?

3 thoughts on “The Driver In Front Of Me… Again

  1. This is even more prevalent in Mexico than in the U.S. (Are you in the U.S.?) It only takes one to drive us all crazy. A fine topic for this letter, and a fine prompt as well, don’t you think? Judy


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