What’re They Biting On?

Many many years ago, when I was young and newly married to my now ex-husband, we were on my first visit to his families summer home on a beautiful large lake way up north. On day one of the trip, and after much preparation, on that brisk wavy August day, he, I and his grandfather whom I had just met for the first time, set out on the boat to fish.

I am a city slicker. I’m not a fan of worms and leaches, but I consider myself an incredibly strong, brave and tenacious woman, and I wanted to fit in, to be liked.

Grandpa H said I should use his favorite fishing pole, and he put it together for me, line, hook, and all. It took a while, but with the boat’s radar which could establish the depth of the water, we found the perfect spot to start. We anchored the boat. My ex took my hook, and showed me, by hooking the first, how to put a leach on a hook. Disgusting. I waited as they both expertly hooked their own as well.

It was time to cast. I swung the poll back and then out as I had been told to release the line, but somehow the poll slipped right through my hands, and I ended up throwing the entire poll far out into the lake where it disappeared in the waves immediately.

My hands flew to my mouth to muffle a gasp, as my eyes bulged in shock and horror at the knowledge that Grandpa H’s favorite fishing poll was now gone, thanks to me. I was mortified.

I turned around to gauge the reactions. They both pretended not to have seen my blunder. No mention of the fact that I had no poll, or that I just sat idle. The poll was never mentioned… ever.

I did try fishing again, with less cherished fishing polls. I never caught anything, and I never really understood the pure joy some people extract from the process. I did get to know Grandpa H a bit that summer, and found that he was a very kind gentle man.
*Thanks Zoe for the use of your art.
**Was that “Flash talk” or “Fish Talk”?
Sep 22, 2014
Flash Talk
You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

8 thoughts on “What’re They Biting On?

  1. I enjoyed your post,, but I have to say, as a first time visitor, it was your tagline which stuck with me; I will spend the rest of the day singing about Lydia the tattooed lady in a passable imitation of Kermit the Frog 😀


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