Ode and Plea To The Occupants Of My Vacuum

My heart rate and adrenal glands,
pulse and sweat, alarm, distress.
Two giant spiders, several small,
a large egg sac, the webs countless

All siphoned, sucked, inhaled, absorbed,
into my vacuum cleaner bag.
What happens now the vacuums off,
the vortex hold begins to lag?

Will baby spiders hatch within;
is in-bag like in-utero?
Alarmed that they will seek revenge:
Web strangulation, or voodoo,

Trying to sleep I hear them plan
spider payback to Lydia
Panic and fear on overdrive
Is this arachnophobia?

“Please just stay in the bag.” I beg,
Sleep’s elusive as I survey
The ceiling, walls, the floor, my bed.
I could just move…

3 thoughts on “Ode and Plea To The Occupants Of My Vacuum

  1. Ha! This is wonderful, Lydia, and I must say I have had exactly the same thought, though not as well put. Will you confess to a bit of guilt to boot? Imagining those terrorized baby spiders trying to hatch their larger egg? A+ Judy


  2. Boy, does this hit home! I sometimes keep the vacuum running a bit longer so I am sure (I think I’m sure!) that all is quiet inside the vac bag. Still creepy…..


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