In ten years…

With all I’ve invested in blood sweat and tears,
to stay in this house would be tough,
keeping up the repairs throughout all of these years,
The taxes won’t stop going up.

In ten years…

I’ll be living in a place that is new to me
With less beauty and charm of course.
The new place will be one built in this century,
Requiring less work and less force…

In ten years…

My children, not children,
now gone off on their own.
They’ve actually turned out
quite well.

In ten years…

They all understand
that they must lend a hand
life needs effort,
a hard ticket to sell.

In ten years…

They got off the sofa
They started to try
They work for their food,
clothes and cars,

In ten years…

They get that I tried to,
but couldn’t do all.
The world and its weight
Now feels very small.

In ten years…

I still have my job,
but enjoy it these days,
I reflect on time passed
before hard work pays.

In ten years…

Personal life restored,
I travel the world,
seeing people I knew
before time took its toll.

In ten years…

My face may be older
but it looks just the same
as when I was ten,
so I’ve been told time and again

In ten years…

I’ve a portrait under wraps,
like Wilde’s “Picture Of Dorian Gray”
It shows that I’ve aged, and I’d show you perhaps,
But that’d make for an unpleasant day.

(because then I’d have to kill you)

Aug 11, 2014
New Wrinkles
You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?


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