Conquering the Loo

Yesterday I had nothing to say. I was on my perpetual mission. That mission: get through another day, pay my bills, take care of the people and animals who I am responsible for, and as of the past two days I had the added responsibility of painting my bathroom.

If you’ve read my previous posts regarding my bathroom debacle, you know that it had to be gutted because of mold and a pipe leaking behind the crumbling walls. The room was gutted a few weeks ago. The tile guy did his magic, the dry wall and plumbing also put in place, and that meant time for me to paint. I wanted to do it quickly so the last phase of the project can proceed. I do not want to be the reason this bathroom takes longer than it already has. I want it finished.

Painting a tiny room should be quick, painless, fun…

I was painting over new drywall, so I had to prime ceiling and walls. I did that after work on Sunday. I was supposed to be off on Monday and Tuesday. My plan was to paint on those days off. I had a last minute opportunity to work on Monday, so I took it. There are bills to pay after all, and under the “it’s always something” umbrella, I’m still paying for this bathroom, and registration fees are due this week for my teens to go back to school… there is never enough money. I worked on my day off, after painting late into the night, and then, having passed out, covered in primer, I forgot to set an alarm.

I of course overslept. I did make it to work in the nick of time, but I was a hot mess all day. No time to iron my shirt, I had grabbed a long sleeved one at least, which served the purpose of hiding the paint on my arms. I put my makeup on in the car while waiting for the long, slow train that only passes when I’m late. I had a paint fume hangover I think. Head pounding, hands not so steady. I powered through it and put in a 10 hour day for the 6th day in a row. When I went home, I painted late into the night again.

My Monday post was just a quick photoshop of “Thelma & Louise” as the Zombie’s I felt like, no writing, only a caption. I was too tired to write anything substantial.

Then on Tuesday, my only day off I had to buy a few more paint supplies. My goal was to finish painting. Goal met; I finished painting by 7pm.

I didn’t write a post though. I missed a day, and in my goal to post something everyday, I failed. Ugh I am a failure… wretched… despondent… disconsolate… forlorn…

Pure exhaustion and maybe the paint fumes have siphoned my creative thoughts. Perhaps my superpowers were in the mold spores; now that the mold is gone, so is my ex-ray writing vision.

My bathroom project however is now back in the hands of the builder who only has to install the vanity, shower, and throne. To the victor go the spoils, and I have almost conquered this bathroom, and the spoils will be a long hot shower, a nice cup of tea, and the new goal of not missing a day of writing from this point on. THE DAILY POST
Writer’s Block Party
When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?
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7 thoughts on “Conquering the Loo

  1. I love the floors, Superwoman. How did I miss the blog about the bathroom debacle? I did not; however, miss the blog about a big glass of dry red wine. Bottoms up!


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