Musical Memories

I listen to blues and jazz . The music I love is from a different era, before my time even. I love Edith Piaf, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Lois Armstrong, and more currently Sam Cooke and Carol King. Amy Winehouse and Adele have snuck onto my list most recently.

At the risk of sounding my age, I am not aware of the what songs are on the current top ten list, or top 100 list. I don’t know who the current popular music artists are either. This summer does not have a song attached to it in my mind.

I can only think of a two summers that have songs attached to them…

I remember myself as a nine year old hanging out on the back porch of my parents Chicago apartment with my older annoyed sister and her annoyed friends, while Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ played from my yellow Toot A Loop AM radio while I sang along, probably singing the wrong words. My sister and her friends who were painting their nails didn’t appreciate a kid hanging around. They were eleven.

Another music memory is from the summer of 1978 The Rolling Stones ‘Some Girls’ album got more than its share of play time. I was spending that summer in my dads village in Greece. I brought that newly released album, the much earlier released book “Gone With The Wind”, and my 15 year old teen angst with me that summer. I know every word of every song on that album, I still think about Rhett Butler, and I am so thankful not to be fifteen.

I do love music, and much to the dismay of anyone in earshot, I soulfully sing along with my favorites even though my voice is not pleasant. I’m not a musician either, but my children have all had the benefit of lessons on various instruments from very young ages. My most treasured music memory will be always be the sounds of my children’s music filling our house with their practicing or playing. Only one of them still plays and sings. I wish she’d play more often.
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Daily Prompt:
Musical Marker
We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

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