Attempt at Embracing Minimalism

“A house is a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”
George Carlin

I’m taking inventory of my stuff. Nothing I have is of value. It’s just my stuff. Over the years my stuff has become somewhat/extremely weathered, as have I.

I’d like to purge myself of as much stuff as I can. Some of my stuff has dissipated without a conscious effort on my part: I lost a pocket photo album, with irreplaceable old pictures on an airplane a while ago. That hurt.
I’ve lost countless earrings, some irreplaceable hand made, sentimentally invaluable. That hurt. I’ve lost books that were important to me. Replaceable, but aggravating.
Attrition of stuff is the stuff making a decision for you, which is is ultimately good.

What has me wanting to purge, is the realization that I’ve lost some things and not felt bad about it. I felt a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. An ugly sweater that I was hoping to wear out, a worn unflattering coat, sensible shoes. The loss of these items was no real loss.

I love the idea of minimalism, and wonder how I can apply it to my life while living with 3 American teenagers. (the minimalists natural enemy) They “need” new stuff everyday.

Being an overwhelmed home owner has left me planning my exit strategy. This exit is probably 5 years off, but I’m planning it none the less. I’m waiting until my teens are of an age that allows them to throw a cover on their own pile of stuff. When that happens, I might just get rid of all my stuff, and live in a one room windowless shack in the woods, or a tent on the beach, possibly a raft in the ocean.

I’d like to close this post as I opened it, with a quote:

“They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
George Carlin

*Thank you Z. for the use of your art work.

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